School’s Cancelled!

No, school is not cancelled what’s cancelled is the activities what makes school fun. Every kid is always ecstatic about the field trips, field day, end of the year parties, etc. Every year when students are in school every activity is the thing that makes school enjoyable. since Covid-19 passed by in March 10th 2020 everybody was sent home to attend school. The virus didn’t leave during Summer so when the next year of school came kids we’re still attending school at home. But luckily half of the kids in each school was able to attend school in the building, but because of COVID everything was still cancelled. Every field trip, the field day, the parties, etc. If COVID continues kids and teachers would have to attend school at their home again. One of the things that stayed was Graduation. Graduation is another special event that every student is ecstatic about because it shows that their moving on, if COVID becomes stronger and kids and teachers have to attend school at home again, graduation would not be a possibility this year.  
Field day is one of the most fun activities of school that got cancelled terribly, field day is most likely the activity that has the most kids attend to. Meaning that it would be cancelled, if you we’re to send kids to Field day more than half of the students could get COVID,  kids and teachers are sweating, coughing, sneezing everywhere because their tired. Field day would have a vast amount of kids get COVID.  
When a Field-trip is announced kids go crazy, some aren’t the best of field trips but kids get happy they get to do something other than work. As well as Field day, Field trips we’re cancelled as well. Continuing to have Field trips during the pandemic is making the students safety worse, students are getting the virus just sitting in class so if a bus full of students to look inside  museum or a movie the students and everyone around would attract COVID.  
There is no reason to have those activities happen during this time, it is what makes school enjoyable but the COVID cases would sky rocket if those fun activities would happen. People are getting COVID right now, so having students attend these activities can harm them and the teachers as well. There could possibly be 10 or more people attracting COVID a day. Then having kids attend to these activities and they probably have to sneeze or cough it would be a huge amount of people attract COVID because of how close everyone is to each other. If kids we’re to be all around each other in a bus or outside of the school there would be many students and teachers getting COVID.  

Even though these activities are enjoyable cancelling them just helps everyone out. Since they’re cancelled it shows that the Students won’t be grouped up together to attract COVID. Cancelling them would help the students and if it goes all good field trips and all the fun activities can come back soon.  

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