Springs Football Reach Semifinals

By: Steven Santos & Kenneth Norwood

The springs football team has reached the semifinals, they just have to face off against Coconut Creek on December 11, 2020. This important game will decide who gets to play in the championship.  

A Miami Springs student was asked a few questions pertaining to the team and their achievements. Sebastian Jean-Charles (senior) ,  states that “I am proud of our team because I have friends who are football players and I’ve seen the hard work they put in”. Sebastian truly believes that they can persevere and win the upcoming game.  

The two rising stars on the school’s Football team: Kenneth Norwood (Senior), defensive back and John Bennet (Senior), wide receiver, share their emotions on making it this far. 

 John Bennet says that, “it’s an amazing feeling to make it to the semifinals”. They talked about their past expectations and how they both agreed that what brought them to this point was the amount of practice and effort they put into it. Kenneth Norwood states their motivation stems from their “want to be the champions”.  

After speaking to the football teams coach, Mr. Montoya, about what he feels towards his teams accomplishments thus far. He attributes their success to the players  “not wanting a repeat of their previous season and they made sure to lift each other up”. Coach Montoya, was also asked about what he thought the team can improve upon. He exclaims that, “the team has to take practice and the game more serious”  and “that the team has improved and grown a lot since last year”.  Mr. Montoya continued by saying that he’s worked with the team on new plays, and that the players have started to block and defend better because of this. 

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