Christmas Potpourri

Nahia Gonzalez

For Christmas, not everyone has the same traditions. Some plan to go to a special place, on vacation, or some to a relative’s home. So, it might not be the same for everyone.

Christmas in the traditional family is to go to a relative’s house and wait until midnight, when it’s officially Christmas Day, to open gifts midnight, Mind that everyone might not have the same family traditions. For example, families might go around the neighborhood caroling together or have a pajama game.

Now, when it comes to food, every family still has different traditions such as my family’s main dish, pork. But some may have mashed potato or stuffing. The best part about Christmas it’s that you don’t have to worry about picking your kids up from school as they are on winter break during the holiday.

Although in some places it might be snowing and some may not be able to go outside because of the bad weather.

Christmas is a very family friendly holiday to have fun and enjoy quality time with your family.

Getting ready for Christmas

Kasandra Soutullo

While most people start setting up Christmas lights, setting up a Christmas tree, and getting ready for a family feast, my family gets ready to travel. Unlike most family my family doesn’t even decorate. We pack and go.

For example, last year we went to Georgia for Christmas. You would think we had family there but we didn’t. We just decided it would be nice to stay in Georgia for two weeks. We did a mini photo shoot and went shopping. I have a feeling this year will be better.

This year I’m going to Cuba. It will be my first trip with my boyfriend and his family. We are going to go from the 20th of December till the 5th of January. We are gonna visit beaches, have a photo shoot, and spend time with his family. So far perpetrations have been very tiring and frustrating.

In order to prepare for the trip we have had to go to server all different places and shop for many different people. My boyfriend and his family always take stuff to Cuba, and since it’s Christmas time, they need to take a little extra. So these last couple of weeks have been shopping for many different people with many different tastes.

Jesus Gonzalez

Christmas is the most cheerful time of the year, and it is also most people’s favorite holiday. For this Christmas, the only gift I would like is for my family to come together and have the same fun we have as every other year. Even as a child I have never wanted many gifts simply because I have everything I need.

Every Christmas my family throws a party at the house inviting other family members and close friends. We usually dance while others are playing a friendly game of dominoes.

When 12 AM comes around, Christmas day, we open any presents that we received, and we thank each other for it.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year just because all families come together and appreciate one another for everything they’ve done to each other. It makes me happy to see family bonding on such a glorious day.

Some people might argue that Christmas isn’t a such a wonderful holiday just because they don’t get everything they want on that day. But Christmas is more of a holiday to be grateful and not greedy.

Overall, Christmas is a great time to love and appreciate those in your life. Not everyday do you get a chance to do things like this, but on Christmas you get the opportunity to show others how much you love them being a part of your life.

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