Tears for the Lakers

Jesus Gonzalez

Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the NBA. Kobe touched many hearts with his words but most importantly for his actions outside of the court.

Kobe Bryant died due to a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. His young daughter of 13 years old; Gianna, was also on board. The news were literary unbelievable as everything thought this was all joke. But once they announced his death was confirmed everyone in the world was shocked.

Kobe had the whole world that knew him heartbroken, the tragedy came less then 24 hours after LeBron James passed him on the all-time scoring list.

Kobe Bryant was personally one of my favorite players. These news honestly ruined my day, all i did for the rest of the day was sleep in pain with the thought that one of the greatest basketball players passed away.

Some people may not believe this because they believe Kobe faked his death, although it was confirmed by many sources that it was Kobe’s body that was found dead.

Overall this loss had many people gloomy, and he will be missed by the world. Kobe was an amazing father and an even better person. Thank you Kobe for the impact you had in many peoples lives.

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