Canelo vs. Sergey

Steven Santos  

Imagine being hit by 175 Middleweight, just by one hit you will be on the floor in pain and agony, bloody.  That is what two grown men were doing to each other going punch for punch, hitting until either collapse or until 132 minutes of getting hit in the face and the body was over.  This was the biggest fight of  2019.  These two men are Canelo Alvarez and Sergey Kovalev, 

The fight happened on November 2, 2019 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Paradise, Nevada.  Many didn’t know who was going to come out victoriously. Although many had an idea that Sergey would win because of the size and height advantage, this later proved to be a trivial factor because of the willpower that Canelo showed.  Kovalev touched with the jab in the fight’s first minute.  Canelo lunged with a couple of power shots.  In the second round Canelo tried to return the favor to Sergey.  By round three Canelo was still eating Sergey jabs.  In a turn of events, round 4, Canelo hit him with a left land but the fans wanted a knock out. 

After a few rounds, fans became impatient and even Canelo tried to see if he could land a big hit, but nothing was showing.  In round 10, everyone thought it was over for Canelo because those jabs just kept coming and coming.  By the time that round 11 came, everyone still was thinking that the fight was over, but then for one second Sergey left his face opened.  Canelo dropped him and became the new WBO light heavyweight champion. 

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