Art for the Sky

By Yoselyn Bodes

Art for the sky is a unique event in which students from Miami Springs Senior High School participate in a team constructing activity. This activity consists of students wearing designated color shirts and are placed accordingly to be able to make an image. In order to know where to place the students, volunteers help in tracing a picture and once it is finished, the students are placed depending on the color of their shirt. A camera is then sent into the sky to be able to capture the image that is being made. In Miami Springs Senior High, the event occurred in 2018 and it is happening again in December of 2019.

“Our theme is quite relevant and is a pressing issue for South Florida- rising sea levels.  The crew of kids will set up on December 16th, we will all take the picture on the 17th , and the 18th will be the video unveiling.   

 It’s a moving piece of art this year to just make it a little more challenging” says Ms. Lopez, the sponsor   

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