Hurricane Dorian’s Destruction on Labor Day weekend

By Maikol Santos, Dennise Tacho staff writers.

Everyone was at an all-time scare.  Everyone was watching the news for updates and trying to prepare for the destruction that was about to happen.

The massive hurricane Dorian was a category 4 hurricane at the moment of impact with the Bahamas, which is where it caused the most destruction, tearing down roofs, toppling over trees, and smashing objects into each other and into houses causing many deaths and leaving many neighborhoods flattened out by the powerful winds and the major flooding.

Meanwhile many Floridians were preparing for what would have been a huge disaster at the coast, luckily the hurricane decided to do a sudden curve after staying still for a complete day and continued in a northern route leaving Miami and the south of Florida untouched and now it is losing strength and starting to get weaker as it is now a category 2 and it has not touched Florida yet, as stated by the reliable weather men from telemundo 51 noticias.

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