The Warriors will take over the league SOON!

By: Carlos Lasalle

The 2018-2019 season in the NBA has been a total shocker for all the fans around the world and to even say total shocker is an understatement. It seems that for once in the history of the NBA, teams are breaking records left and right, competing like never before, and so much more. However, one of the most awaited moments in this season has been the return of Demarcus Cousins and moreover that he is now in a new team, which arguably is the greatest starting lineup anybody has ever seen! Demarcus Cousins got injured in the 2017-2018 season with an Achilles injury, which resulted in him exiting the season and staying sidelined for a big chunk of last season and some of this season. On the bright side, there are rumors that his return is approaching very quickly and it may be as soon as January 18th! It’s been said that Cousins’ feels as if he’s “been ready” to return. Now the Warriors might start having a few issues because their team already consists of 4 All-Stars and they soon will have to insert another All Star to their lineup, which is a good thing for the team but also a bad thing because for the most part the top 4 players that make up that lineup average 20 points or more and the only way they can keep those averages up is if they have the ball in their hands. With the type of team the Warriors have assembled, it will be difficult to insert another All Star, but that’s not such a tough job for head coach Steve Kerr. As soon as Demarcus returns, the Warriors will take over the whole league and it will be recognized as the highly anticipated team that everyone has been waiting for that will be breaking more and more records by the day!

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