Artist sends chilling environmental message

By: Zoe Cardona

Banksy, an artist best known for the shredding of his painting “Girl With Red Balloon”, has a message for the world about the environment in the form of street art. This street art can be found in Port Talbot, Wales. The artist posted a video on his Instagram page about the painting. The video starts out by showing the painting, which is of a child playing in the snow, but as the camera pans out, you see the painting. You realize that the child isn’t playing in snow; he is playing in ash. On the other side of the painting, there is a dumpster that is on fire where the ash is coming from. The more the camera pans out you see the town and all the pollution coming from the factories. The message the artist is attempting to conveyed through this painting is that as we pollute our earth and our skies, you affect us all – present and future. And sadly, instead of snow, we will be playing with ash.

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