KIPP is here!

By: Sebastian Medina

Kipp is a new program that is being field tested at our very own school. Kipp is a charter school, that has locations all throughout the nation. Just recently Kipp opened a new school in liberty city. They also have a program that pushes students to apply to many colleges and help them through the process. This program is called Kipp: through college. Out of all the schools in Miami-Dade, Miami Springs Sr. High and Miami Jackson were the only two schools that were picked to test launch this program. Being part of this program as a member of the class of 2019, I can say that I am very impressed. This program has a lot of potential – it can help many students in all schools to make their dreams of going to college. Starting this year, Ms. Spivak ( MSSH’s CAP Advisor) will also implement this program with juniors to start them early and get them ahead of the game. So if you are a Junior or any grade level as a matter a fact, you should join Kipp; it is a great program and will help you tremendously on your search for the perfect university.

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