Broke students guide to being fashionable at school

By: Mallory Mitnick

Being a high school student comes with care-free memories, stressed out all-nighters, and a dress code to follow.  A school dress code can make it difficult to express yourself through your wardrobe, and still look good on a budget. While being broke is a common thing that high school students deal with, it is still very possible to look fashionable.  It just requires some creativity and smart shopping skills.

  1. Take advantage of sales: Stores often have a buy one get one free, or a 30% off sale. Instead of walking past the store because it might be packed, fight your way through the crowd and start trying things on.
  2. Buy simple, stand-alone pieces: A classic, good quality piece of clothing not only looks great but it also lasts really long, making it a great investment. It can also be a very versatile piece that can be put into several different outfits.
  3. Don’t sleep on thrift stores: Thrift stores can also be a broke persons best friend. Unexpected gems are often found while thrifting, even if they’re hidden within the grandma clothing. A lot of name brand products are hung up on the racks at thrift stores as well.
  4. Lastly, have an open mind: Don’t think that Marshalls or TJMaxx won’t have anything of good quality. In fact, a lot of stores like these actually have the most variety of clothing styles and tend to have trends for every person at an affordable price

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