Apple announces newest addition to iPhone line

By: Lazara Ortega

On Wednesday September 12 , 2018 Apple launches the newest additions to their iPhone brand. The iPhone XR , XS , and XS Max , are their official names. Splitting the earlier iPhone X into three different varies of itself these might be the biggest, most expensive phone they’ve released yet. Let’s talk about their largest phone out of the bunch, the iPhone XS Max, this phone’s screen measures at about 6.5 inches, while its smaller more compact version, the XS, measures at 5.8 inches. While their companion , the iPhone XR , measures at 6.1 inches. Actually on the topic of the XR , it has a gorgeous variety of colors like the 2014 iPhone 5c. The phone consists of six colors , Coral , White , Black , Red , Yellow , and Blue allowing the buyer to choose from these varieties.

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