Shooting at Youtube headquarters

By: Ashley Saravia

About 1,700 people work at the Youtube headquarters. The company is owned by Google. One employer saw people running and thought it was a possible earthquake because the floor was rumbling. But, it was an active shooter who injured three people. The possible suspect is Nasim Aghdam, age 39, who was angry because Youtube was “filtering out her videos and reducing the money could make”. Nasim Aghdam lived in southern California and was a vegan bodybuilder, artist, and rapper. Back in January of 2017 Aghdam posted a video on Youtube complaining that Youtube was filtering her content, leading to less views. She stated that Youtube community has “no equal growth opportunity”. According to police records , her father reported her missing on Monday after not answering his phone calls. Police later found her sleeping in her car in Mountain View nearby the Youtube Headquarters. Her father told the police that she hated the company and will probably head over there. After the shooting, police have suspected the attacker shot herself dead. Out of the 160 incidents between 2000-2013 of active shootings only six were female. In conclusion, police have not yet identified the shooter.

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