People open your eyes

By: Kelly Castro

Chaos. Mayhem. Insanity. Since 1979, the citizens of Nicaragua have cried for help because they’ve realized the kind of president they have in power. Just recently, President Daniel Ortega has moved to increased the fees for students going to college, for social security and reducing the payment for veterans. Ever since, Ortega announced the news, riots and students protesting have exercised their voice. Some citizens are afraid to step outside of their houses due to violence, two protesters and a police officer were killed in the capital, Managua.

Sandinistas, the people who are in favor of the president, are pillaging stores and are causing more violence in the towns of Granada, Managua, Masaya, and Matagalapa. It’s been three days since this wave of insanity has begun, and Sandinistas have thrown rubber bombs at the protesters hoping to stop them or frighten them, but the citizens have thrown rocks at them and in the capital, people are setting the trees that the president’s wife, Rosario Murillo, placed around the capital. Thus far, more than 40 people died and some people were horrifically injured as a result. Protesting has trickled its way to Miami, and like their compatriots, the citizens here are also pleading for a free and democratic Nicaragua.

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