Lady Hawks sweep a major win against Goleman rivals

By: Nicholas Arce

It was a picturesque Monday, with the sun setting and a beautiful hue of orange that filled the afternoon sky. Parents, family and friends gathered at Carl F. Slade Park as they prepared to witness yet another exciting softball game; Miami Springs Lady Hawks, who are undefeated 14-0 so far in the season, played against longtime rivals Barbara Goleman Senior High. The tension was clearly visible, as both softball teams warmed up for what seemed to be an intense game. The captains met and spoke, the players took the field and the batter Grace Blatch positioned herself at home plate. The pitcher glared at the catcher, shook her head in agreement, got ready to pitch, and quickly released. And there it was, the first home run of the game. Blatch ran all the way home and scored the first point for the Lady Hawks. As the game continued, their confidence soared with successive scores from freshman Jade Rodriguez and Sam Hernandez scoring their respective runs. The Lady Hawks did not allow the Goleman Gators to score one run. “It was a shocking win for us,” said Mallory Mitnick, junior, pitcher for the team, “Goleman usually puts on a fight, making it harder for us to get a win.” Mitnick spoke with nothing but contentment after the big win, our softball teaming winning a 17-0 game. Mitnick has a lot to be proud of, making First Team All-Dade last year (20-3, 121 K, 0.11 ERA). Catcher Amanda Parson also gave a few words “All I got to say is… Goleman who?” However, it’s not over for the Lady Hawks, as they have an endless list of games to play, working hard to make their way to Districts. When we asked Jasmine Echeverria , senior captain, what she felt about Districts. With a smirk she replied, “We got it in the bag.

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