Spring fling: What to wear at festival time

By: Ashley Saravia

Festival season is around the corner and many of us panic because we do not have anything to wear! Rest at ease because here are a few ideas that are inexpensive and bold. Double denim is always a must. With double denim, gather together different tones of denim for a much bolder look. Fedoras are a perfect accessory when it is hot outside, and adds instant fashion credit. We love fringe, fringe is a classic festival staple, but too much of it looks tacky. A raincoat may seem odd, but ladies it is definitely street-worthy and pretty cool. This is one of my favorite: bandannas are so inexpensive and we can style it so many ways! If you are wearing a basic outfit, to add some spice just layer up necklaces. In result, you get a festival worthy look. Lastly, braids are super practical and add a bohemian vibe to your look without realizing it.  So ladies, go rock festivities!

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