Tarte faces backlash after release of much anticipated foundation

By: Mallory Mitnick

Tarte Shape Tape concealer is a fan-favorite and in fact, one concealer that is sold every 20 seconds. When Tarte decided to launch a Tarte Shape Tape foundation, it just about threw the beauty world for a loop.  But, that’s not all. They are coming out with two different formulas: a matte and a hydrating foundation. They are also producing a new paddle brush and a deep blending sponge. It launches on Tarte.com on January 15th, Ultra.com on January 21st, and is available in stores at Ultra on February 5th. The bottle is almost identical to the Shape Tape concealer, except it is a little bigger in size, and costs $39.00. There will be 15 different shades to accommodate different skin tones. While 15 shades sound great, the shades have not settled well with customers. The colors are lacking darker tones. The shades that were released are not intended for women with darker complexion; therefore, not representative of today’s consumers. Of the released foundations, 11 are directed towards lighter-skinned people. This looks as if Tarte was prioritizing lighter skin tones and making those with darker skin tones feel inadequate. Tarte has recently taking center stage saying, “there is no excuse for the lack of diversity in our Shape Tape shades.” They said that they were so focused on getting the awaited product out, that they did not wait for all the shades to be completed, and they apologize for doing so”. The brand is adding another 10 shades to the already existing 15 that will hopefully allow for more of a diversified palette. 

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