Is it the end of Real Madrid?

By: Kelly Castro

There is a wondrous mystery about rumors and that is because they can be real or fake. But in rumors, there are tiny hints of the truth within them.

One of the latest rumors in futbol is that this year might be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last year in Real Madrid. The rumor started not too long ago, but there are rumors that the footballer will no longer be on the team and will be transferred to Manchester United, since they refused to offer him a new contract. After signing a five year deal, Real Madrid will permit Ronaldo to leave in the summer.

Besides Manchester United going after Ronaldo, PSG are also keen about the situation and the French side would offer the Portuguese super star, the vast salary he wants. One of the other reasons why they gave him the OK is because Real Madrid are planning on making an ambitious move to get Brazilian footballer, Neymar Jr., in Madrid. This season has been disastrous for Real especially for Ronaldo getting kicked on the face which left a deep cut near his eye and this could be the end  for the team once the Portugal super star leaves in the summer.

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