Cardi B is here to stay

By: Brittane Rolle

We all know the hit single "Bodak Yellow" by the famous rapper/LHHNY cast member Cardi B. a/k/a Belcalis Almanzar.

Twenty-five year old Cardi B is an American Hip-Hop artist who has started from the bottom and has quickly risen to the big screen. Cardi B is known for her casting of “Love and Hip-Hop New York”. With her newfound fame, she decided to take the music industry by storm.

Cardi started to pursue music in 2015.  She is the first female artist to top the charts with a solo output since Lauryn Hill Doo Wop (That Thing)!  She is the first female artist to top the Hot 100 with a début track unaccompanied by another artist.  As music changes so do producers insight on who they want to sign. Cardi B is making history on her own terms, independently, showing other female artists that anything is possible when you are really serious about your work.

Belcalis was born on October 1, 1992, in the Bronx, New York City, New York. Her career started as an exotic dancer. Cardi B does not regret her start as a dancer.  It got her through rough times with her abusive relationship, going back to school, and allowed her to earn extra cash for herself to be able to afford living independently.

She gained a large group of followers on social media. When you first hear of Cardi B, you think of her “No Filter Attitude”; she is a young outspoken woman who is not afraid to express herself in her words, actions, and appearance.

Cardi did drop out of school, but she did gain notoriety when her videos went viral on the hit applications Vine and Instagram. With her publicity boosting, Cardi B decided to take herself and her talent to a whole new level, and started her rapping career in 2015.

She gained more publicity by making it on the hit T.V show, ” Love and Hip Hop New York”, and ever since, she’s been accomplishing what she said others didn’t think she could do: Leaving the exotic career , becoming a female artist, signed to a record label, and making this “shmoney”!

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