Microsoft introduces the new addition to the Xbox console series

By: Angel Lorenzo

Many gamers have waited for the day that Microsoft would completely unveil their new console to the world.

At Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, Microsoft went on stage and gave us gamers a preview of the console only known as “Project Scorpio” at the time. Now, this year at E3 in the Microsoft showcase, they made a major announcement. The name, release date, and price have been revealed.

Now known as the Xbox One X, it is said to be released on November 7. The new Xbox is said to be much more power than the previous Xbox One S. The Xbox One X will have an eight-core CPU with 2.3GHz, which is 0.6GHz more than the previous console. It will have a whopping 12GB of GDDR5 RAM and 6 teraflop GPU. It will also have better 4k support so games will look better than with the previous console. The console will start with 1TB of storage on release date and could have different storage options soon. To top it all off, it will have backwards compatibility for games up to the Xbox 360 and accessories for the Xbox One. All of this together will come at a price of $499.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One X has outpaced any other Xbox console in pre-order sales. So far, the console has been sold out in most places that you could pre-order them. According to DFC Intelligence, the console will have sold 20 million units within the next 5 years and will sell 63 million units in lifetime sales.

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