You do not need to travel south to get Mexican ice cream

By: Milton Caceres

There are many things that we want in those long, hot days of summer, but no treat is craved more than ice cream.  In New York City, Fany Gerson, owner of La Newyorkina Mexican Ice & Sweets has been making authentic Mexican ice cream called Nieves de Garrafa or (snow of garrafa) since 2010.

Nieves de Garrafa is Mexico’s famed artisan ice cream and is made daily at Gerson’s shop in the heart of New York City’s West Village. What makes her ice cream stand out? It’s flavor.  Her desserts are made with organically sourced ingredients (milk, fruits, and herbs) from local farmers.

Fany Gersons says that it’s her personal experiences combined with history that has influenced her baking. “It’s all about the stories, it’s about the people.  A lot of these traditions are being lost, because newer generations are not interested.”

So if you are ever in New York and would like to taste some of Mexico’s finest treats, make sure you visit La Newyorkina.

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