Hungry hackers were caught with dirty hands

By: Yelenis Fiallo

How far would you go for food? Would you hack into a CIA’s vending machine? Well apparently, some hungry electronic hackers did just that on June 22, 2017. According to New York Post, these hungry hackers stole over $3,000 worth of food from vending machines.

The machines operate with prepaid cards. The hackers found a way to disconnect the machines to allow them to dispense unlimited amounts of food.  Surprisingly, it took the CIA months to figure out the scheme, that CIA contractors where responsible for the stolen food items.  Video surveillance provided the evidence needed to stop these hungry hackers.

When confronted, the perpetrator admitted to having tampered with the machines to attain free snack; he was then fired and escorted out the building.  The case was reported to the Department of Justice.

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