The Language of Fanspeak: Volume 2, F-J

By: Kassity Murphy

F :

Fan Art – Visual media created by fans in the form of drawing, painting, digital art, sculpting, and/or videos; Form of fanwork.



Fanboy/Fangirl – Someone who is obsessed with a Fandom.

Example: The journalist writing this.

Fangirling – The act of out of control emotions that involve ASDFGHJKL, Squeeing, Glomping, and jumping up and down.

Example: https://www.tumblr.com

Fanfiction/Fic – Another form of media created by fans in the form of writing; Another form of fanwork.

Fanfiction.net/ FF.net – A fanfiction website, is normally the first website that fans go to for fanfics. NOTE: Site is a tad outdated but still really good, more for first time Fan Fic authors and is predominantly Fluff fiction.


Fandom – Fanatic Domain; Name given to a beloved show, book or book series, movie or movie series, band, etc.; A collective group of fans who love the same form of media, some have their own unique names.

Example: Harry Potter ; Percy Jackson and the Olympians ( shorthand : PJO) ; Gravity Falls ; Star vs the Forces of Evil ( shorthand: SvtFoE) ; Supernatural ( shorthand: SPN )

Fandom Wars – “Wars” that are started by people of a different fandom expressing hate, intentional or not, in regards to another fandom.

Fanservice – Something in the Fandom that appeals to the fans in the form of skimpy outfits for the characters, exaggerated breasts or posteriors of female characters, and/or shirtless ripped male characters.

Example: Keijo!!

Fanon – A headcanon that is accepted by the entire Fandom ( More info. See Headcanon ).

Feels – The indescribable emotions that attack a fan in their heart after hearing and/or watching a touching moment between characters or the death of a beloved character.

Example: “Right in the Feels.”

Femslash – See Slash.

Example: Ruby x Sapphire ( Steven Universe )

Korra x Asami ( Legend of Korra )

Fix-It – A genre of fanfiction that fixes a scene or event in a Fandom that was not well received by the whole Fandom or one person in the Fandom; Synonym for A.U.


FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Fluff – Opposite of Angst, it is feel good fanworks that focus on positive emotions and hit the fan in the feels.

Example: https://fanfiction.net

G :

Gary-Stu: The male equivalent of a Mary-Sue; the ideal male character that has no flaws.

Example: Any Disney prince from the Classic Era

Genderbend – A rule of the internet, Rule 63, that says that any character that exists has an equal opposite gender.


Ghost Ship – A ship that is partially dead in Canon or AU.

Example: Buffy Summers x Angel

Girl’s Love/GL – The simple version of Yuri ( See Shojo-ai ).

Glomp – An enthusiastic hug.

Example: “Oh my gods! It’s been so long!” *glomp*

GPOY – Gratuitous Picture of Yourself, a picture of yourself or a picture that represents you in a funny manner.


H :

Hatedom – A Fandom that a fan does not like.

Example: * The journalist does not wish to ignite a Fandom War *

Headcanon – A fan theory that is used in Fanfiction or other fanworks.



Hentai – 18+ DO NOT WATCH IF UNDER 18! Anime that is strictly meant for Adult Audiences only.

I :

IRL – In Real Life, used in posts for when a fan refers to them, an actor, and/or the creator that is not in the Fandom world.

Example: “IRL Jared and Jensen are suuuuper nice!”

J :

Japanese Pop/Rock – ( Re. J-Pop or J-Rock ) Japanese pop music or japanese rock music.

Example: The World by Nightmare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7MMMNTQ7H0 ( J-Rock ) ; Lacrimosa by Kalafina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzgChxP7_jY ( J-Pop )

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