The Language of Fanspeak: Volume 1, A-E

By: Kassity Murphy

The sole purpose of this text is to breakdown the common phrases and terminology used in “Fanspeak.” Fanspeak has made a niche for itself in current society as many teenagers, preteens, and the new generation use it as their primary form of communication.

Text begins after the cut:

A :

Alternate Universe/AU – used by fanfiction writers who take the original work and tweek it to create their own story.

Example: Percy isn’t the child of the Great Prophecy Thalia is.

       Goku and Raditz are sent to Earth together.

Angst – A genre of fanworks that puts the characters through the paces to get a happy ending ( if at all ).

Example: https://archiveofourown.org  

Anime – Japanese cartoons; Clean cut animation ( Most of the time ) and clean drawings ( Most of the time ).


Anon. – short for anonymous; used mainly for Tumblr or Fanfiction sites to leave comments.


Anti-Ship – A pairing that a fan doesn’t ship (See Shipping and NOTP ).

Archive of Our Own/AO3 – A fanfiction site supported by Fanworks Organization that claims their site to be in accordance with the Fair Use laws and is protected by those laws. NOTE: This site is still in beta and can be a little unorganized and difficult to use if you have never used the site before.


ASDFGHJKL – Fangirling in text form; meaning uncontrolled emotions; the entire second row of the keyboard ( More info. See Fangirling ).

Example: “Can u believe wat just happened on SPN (Supernatural) ???!!!AASDFGHJ!!!!!!”

Author’s Note/AN – Used in fanfics at the beginning or end – as they are meant to be used –  when the author has to explain something in the fic or give an update.

Example: A/N: explanation

B :

BAMF – Acronym for Bad Ass Mother Fucker, normally followed by a character’s name; Used as a tag in fanworks.

Example: BAMF! John Watson

        BAMF! Snape

Bishie – Attractive male character.


Bishojo – Attractive female character.


Boy’s Love/BL – The simple version of Yaoi ( See Shounen-ai ).

Brotp – A version of OTP but the character’s are shipped as brothers, sisters and/or siblings. Can be used for characters that are or are not related.

Example: Brotp! Goku x Vegeta

        Brotp! Naruto x Sasuke

C :

Canon – Proven True; Created by the original creator; Official Product; Accepted as the fandom’s official “mythology.”

Example: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

Canon Divergence/Convergence – A genre of Fan Fiction where the piece diverges from the original Canon or starts a new then meets at a point in the Canon; Sub form of Alternate Universe.



Chibi – Cute, small, rounded style of art with simple details.


Crack – Not serious, ridiculous or unlikely.


Crackship – A ship that is not meant to be taken seriously, for fun.

Example: Draco x Apple

Cringe – Something that is unsettling or plain wrong; unnerving.


Crossover – When two or more Fandoms are merged in a fanwork; A genre of Fan Fiction.

Example: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson

Crossdress – A form of cosplay where a girl dresses as a guy or vice versa.



Clique – A group of fans of the same Fandom; A fan of Twenty One Pilots

Example: Potterheads ( Harry Potter Fandom )

       True Believers ( Marvel Fandom )

Convention/ Con – A convention ( Re. Con ) is an event where fans meet up for three days or more depending on the Con.

Example: Florida Supercon, San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con   

Cosplay – A form of dress up where fans dress as their favorite character, normally during Cons.


D :

DeviantART – A fanwork site primarily dedicated to Fan Arts. NOTE: Site is well known for personal work being stolen.


Done – Used by fans to express the excitement they feel, positive or negative.

Example: “I’m just done… done…”

Doujin/Doujinshi – A fan made manga using the same characters but have a different story; another form of fanwork.  Are more often meant for 18+ readers.


Dub – English voices for any foreign media. Also, used for any foreign voices on any media that is not from their country or same language. NOTE: FUNimation is the leader in the US for dubbed animation.


E :

ED – Ending song or credits for a show.

Example: SPLASH FREE  by Tatsuya Kato from Free! Iwatobi Swim Clubhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcwwCowzPV4




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