A blunder worthy of an Oscar

By: Kassity Murphy

February 26, 2017, marked the 89th annual Oscars; the night was graced with fabulous dresses, cute couples, well deserved wins, and a blunder worthy of an Oscar.

The blunder happened at the end of the night when the award for Best Picture was given to La La Land rather than the actual winner – Moonlight. The slip up was quickly caught and was addressed immediately on stage by the stage manager when he was notified by one of the stage hands who caught the mistake. The actors of La La Land were gracious when they had to give the Oscar over to the real winners.

A bit of a basic breakdown of how the winner is announced: there are two stagehands – one for the left and one for the right. Both have an identical suitcase that holds the envelopes of the winners, depending on where the announcers are entering from, the stagehand hands them the envelope for the category being presented. Now, there are two plausible possibilities as to how this blunder occurred: the suitcases could have gotten switched by accident during a transition or the announcers entered from the wrong side of the stage.

Thankfully, the two stagehands were tasked with memorizing the winners in case a scenario – like the one that had just transpired – were to happen. Not the best thing for the prestigious Oscars but there is a thing called human error and at least this was quickly remedied before too much damage could be done.

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