Fantastic Five or Terrific Three

By: Kassity Murphy


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has fascinated generations since its first release in 1997 with The Philosophers Stone – Sorcerers Stone for those in The United States. Now, after ten years the fan base was granted a prequel, not really the one we wanted but nonetheless loved.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiered November 18, 2016 along with a composed screenplay the same day. With the success of the movie and book sales, it has been confirmed that the movie will have four sequels. Now, would that be a smart move on the movie studio’s part?

The world of Harry Potter is not a complicated one but for those who do not understand the full capacity of how magic works and its limitations, is a hard thing to grasp the first time around. It’s a concept best understood in increments rather than all at once. And Fantastic Beasts doesn’t take the time to explain; it jumps straight into magic and action without a second thought. While this keeps the audience attentive and aware, it can leave some confused as to what had just transpired between the characters on screen.

The film and story are more geared towards fans already of the Wizarding World but does have an element of nuance that draws in new fans. However, since the film was written as a prequel to an already established world, the playwrights and film-makers cannot completely revise a world that they are using as their base to tell their story.

The idea of more than one movie for this series is not a bad one but, to have four sequels appears as if it will just be for the accumulation of money for profit rather than for the appeal of the series. By movie three, ideas will have been all but used and the writers are left to scrape the bottom of the barrel looking for SOMETHING NEW.

Audiences will also be yearning for something new and exciting in the series like how the first movie was. They’ll become annoyed and tired with the same repeating scenarios and the decline in the content of the writing.

Yet, only time will tell if the thought of four more movies will be a hit or a miss.  

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