New England Patriots reclaim their thrown

By: Jordy Gonzalez

Can you say comeback?! Super Bowl 51 was an amazing match between the New England Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots brought home their 5th Super bowl with Tom Brady earning his 5th Super Bowl ring. There is only one other player who had 5 rings, Charles Haley. The game started out with just back and forth with no one scoring in the first quarter. Then the second quarter came and the Atlanta Falcons scored 3 touchdowns! Devonta Freeman, a Miami native, scored a 5-yard touchdown. They made the field goal and kicked the ball back to New England on kickoff. The Pats couldn’t come-up with an answer so they just punted the ball away on 4th down. It took the Falcons just 5 Plays to score their second touchdown with Matt Ryan throwing a 19 yard pass to Austin Hooper. New England got the ball back and Tom Brady throws an interception to Robert Alford who runs down the field and gets a pick 6, scoring the third touchdown of the quarter. New England was in a really tough spot in just the first half only being able to score a field goal that Stephen Gostkowski kicked from 41 yards away.

The game went to halftime with the Falcons leading the half 21-3. After the halftime show, the game started with the Patriots receiving the ball and they had to punt it away on 4th down. The Falcons scored yet another touchdown with Matt Ryan throwing a 6 yard pass to Tevin Coleman, making the game 28-3. This time when New England got the ball, they finally scored a touchdown with James White catching a 5 yard pass from Tom Brady but Gostkowski missed the field goal so the game was now 28-9.

The fourth quarter came and Gostkowski kicked a field goal that brought the game to 28-12. They went  into high gear.The Falcons couldn’t score at all and their defense let the Patriots score again with Danny Amendola making a touchdown and bringing the game to just 8 points. Again, the Falcons couldn’t do anything. The Patriots were taking the ball up field slowly and one of the greatest catches ever happened. Julian Edelman Was thrown a pass with was tipped. He quickly ran and dove for the ball with 2 others from the Falcons. Edelman was able to catch the ball because it bounced off the ankle of one of the Falcon players, allowing Edelman to catch the ball and let the patriots score another touchdown.

They went for the two point conversion which brought the game 28-28 and took the game to overtime, this was the first super bowl to go to overtime. In the coin toss, the patriots won and decided to receive the ball which helped them score and win the super bowl! The patriots made history by having the biggest comeback in super bowl history and their dynasty will keep on for the next few years as long as they got The G.O.A.T and Bill Belichick.   

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