Lady Hawks hit the goal once again

By: Taylor Andollo

TR/LR: Coach William Drew, Gabriella Andollo, Katherine Inhoof, Alexa Ramos, Mallory Mitnick, Jasmine Echevarria, Jasmine Romay, Ashley Ayala, Keylin Alfaro, Elizabeth Vizcaino, Briana Gomez, Ashley Hernandez

BR/LR: Angela Moon, Grace Blatch, Sophia Gomez, Vanessa Salvatierra, Gabi Cimino, Kristen Medina, Victoria Kristaly, Hunter Larroque, Danielle Clough

Throughout the 2016-2017 season, the Miami Springs Lady Hawks soccer team received nothing but cheers and praises from their ever-loyal fans.  The overwhelming support from our loyal fans provided the inspiration and backing necessary for the success of the team.  The Lady Hawks earned an amazing record of 21-2-1. At the end of the season, the girls played the district championship game against Alonzo Tracy Mourning High School on January 19th, 2017. To no surprise, the girls brought home the district championship title for the sixth year in a row.

Before they even finished celebrating their victory, they were up-and-running preparing for the next big game against a very strong Pembroke Pines Charter High School team.  The regional quarterfinals were held on January 26th, 2017, in front of an unexpectedly large crowd at Milander Stadium.  Pines Charter led most of the game 1-0 due to an early score. Springs had several chances to tie, but unfortunately were not able to capitalize on the opportunity. In the second part of the game, Springs made a comeback, and after several scorned opportunities, Jazmine Romay assisted by teammate Gabi Ciminowith scored a goal which tied the match. 

The game remained tied for the rest of the second half which led to two overtime extensions. With no chance of scoring in those extra minutes, the game moved to penalty kicks: best out of five. All eyes were on Springs’ goalie, Briana Gomez. Gomez had the crowd mesmerized with her outstanding blocks leaving Pines to score only one of four shots taken, increasing Springs’ chances of winning. As great as our goalie was, so were our shooters, Katherine Inhoof, Sophia Gomez, and Jasmine Romay managed to score 1 goal each bringing home the victory.  The last time the lady hawks earned a District Championship title was in 2013.

The girls would move on to Regional Semifinals on January 31, 2017, against American Heritage High School where they would lose 0 to 3.  During this very challenging game, coach William Drew shared this piece of advice, “…Our chances of winning are as good as theirs. We have to play our best, and then after it’s all over, win or lose, we gave it our all”.

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