2016 Autumn sports season: NBA, NFL, and UFC highlights

By: Frank Gonzalez

The fall season is really an exciting time to be a sports fan. While it is true that the MLB season is coming to an end with the World Series (something I highlighted in my OctoberFest article), there are two other sports that are blossoming in fall. Professional basketball always starts around the time that Halloween takes place, with this year’s NBA season having already started on October 25th, 2016. While the NBA starts, the NFL is already halfway through, with usually 6-7 weeks already under each teams belt (depending on when you have a bye week). Here are some games that have already taken place in the first few days of the NBA and some results from weeks 3-7 in the NFL.
Important Games
San Antonio def. Golden State (129-100)
Cleveland def. New York (88-117)
Miami def. Orlando (108-96)
Los Angeles def. Houston (114-120)
Shocker(s) of the week:
-Championship favorites, the Golden State Warriors, get pummeled by the Spurs!
-The Kobe-less Lakers win their first game against the James Harden led Houston Rockets.
-Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans exploded for 50 points, still losing to the Denver Nuggets, 107-102.
Important Games
Dolphins def. Bills (28-25)
Patriots def. Steelers (27-16)
Seahawks TIE Cardinals (6-6)
Shocker of the week:
-An NFL game finishing in a tie? What?! (Seattle vs. Arizona)
UFC 205 is just around the corner, the date being November 12th, 2016. The event will take place at the famous Madison Square Garden.

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