Four schools were placed on lock down amid reports of so-called clowns on the loose

By: Guillermo Monroy

At St. Margaret’s Academy in Liverpool England, student sent out a chilling Snapchat message capturing the moment the pranksters in fancy dress emerged. The shocking snap appears to show three “Killer Clowns” walking in the distance at the school in Livingston, West Lothian. This was one of the four schools affected by “threatening communications”. Cops swooped to the scene and kids were locked in classrooms during the incident.

Amanda Dickson shared the Snapchat picture posted by the student and said: ‘It’s clowns. The kids are sharing on Snapchat. This is a disgrace! I cannot believe people think it’s okay to scare kids like this. It’s just going to end up out of control as parents are rushing to the school in a panic.’ Mark Currie professor in the Queen Mary University of London commented: ‘Heard rumors from killer clowns to a pupil with a knife. As long as they’re safe that’s the main thing!’

A concerned mother described how her daughter was panicking and that students were told to switch off their phones. Angela Stewart said: “I’ve been speaking to my daughter. Her last text was getting a lot more frantic sounding and now they have been told to switch their phones.” Police forces said that they were investigating the case at schools in the West Lothian and Forth Valley areas on Thursday, October 27, 2916, and looking for those who were responsible.

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