Halloween costumes on a budget

By: Geanny Carrera

Beyoncé in flawless

All you need is a pair of combat boots, ripped jean shorts, and a plaid shirt (in red and black if possible). An outfit this cheap and clever will have everyone bowin’ down.



You don’t even know how prepared you are to be a scarecrow. Throw on a pair of light-wash jeans or overalls, your favorite fall flannel, and boots. All you’ll need to buy is face paint (because, seriously, who has that laying around?) and a wide-brimmed hat or straw hat.


Snapchat filter

Make a crown of butterflies and flowers by printing some out at home or purchasing them at a craft store, then gluing the decorations to a headband or ribbon. Add some Snapchat-inspired makeup for that fabulous filter glow and you’re good to go!


Wednesday Addams

Are you creepy? Are you kooky? Do you have absolutely no interest in buying anything for Halloween? Then dress up as Wednesday Addams. Odds are that you have everything you need right at home. From your closet, pull a white button down, long-sleeve black dress, and black tights. Braid your hair into two pigtails and pat some baby powder your face for the full Addams effect. Prop knife optional.



If you don’t mind holding up part of your costume all night, this one’s for you. Start with a clear umbrella and then tape string or ribbons on for the tentacles. Wear your comfiest leggings and top, and tadaaaa! you’re a sea creature!










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