The question remains…Who wants it more?

By: Alycia Negrin

Miami Springs defeats Coral Gables in the first round of GMAC's. Having faith and confidence in each other kept them with an unbreakable team bond. They believed and trusted each other to make the right choices.
"These seven innings proved to me that we have chemistry" - Amanda Parson
"We all showed how much potential we had and when we put our mindset to win we work hard"  - Nicole Borroto

Miami Springs takes a tough loss in the GMAC’s against Palmetto High school 15-0. This game being the first loss for the Miami Springs softball season, the devastation and sorrow they dragged off the field was a heavy load.
“They have an outstanding team, they deserved it” – Alycia Negrin
“They were a great team all together, they had a lot of amazing players and worked hard. It was a tough loss for us but Palmetto deserves it.” – Kristen Medina

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