A senior’s advice to underclassmen

By: Gabby Llerena

From Freshman Orientation to Graduation, I have always wished I had a guiding hand as I navigated my way through high school; someone to give me the Do’s and Don’t’s as I chugged through these past four years. Since I had to figure it out on my own, I decided to write this article to help our young hawks as they soar through the ranks of the nest.

Incoming Freshmen

The babies – let’s be honest, everyone may know you in middle school, but nobody knows you here and nobody cares. You are automatically branded a nuisance to the now settled high school world. Fresh out of middle school, immature, and raw.  You’re in store for a real wake up call. News flash – high school is not like the movies. We don’t sing, we don’t dance, and we definitely don’t always have your best interest at heart. Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s the cold hard truth and the only way to get it across is to be as blunt as possible. High school is an essential wake up call that everyone must go through. GPAs, AP’s, drama and more awaits you, and it truly is a daunting experience. But if you know what to expect, then you won’t be as shell shocked.


So you survived your first year.  How was it? Good…Bad…Did you keep your GPA up? Hopefully you did, because if  you did not, you will live to regret it.  You will spend the rest of your high school career struggling to raise your low GPA; and that is the worst experience. I had to and so did many of my friends. You’re going to want to spend your time having fun, but your fun will soon seize to exist. Freshman year is cake, but it gets harder. Between the different events that come up, and let’s face it – the drama, you will not have time to breath. So be careful, high school goes by quicker than you think, and before you know it, you will be looking back at all of the years that you wasted away.


Two down, two to go. For me and many of my fellow seniors, sophomore year was the toughest year. You are caught in between somehow with no activities and a long year ahead.  But you have made it, and you are closer to the finish line. So don’t get side tracked with the flashiness of becoming a junior, it’s not as glamorous as it seems. Let my words sink into your mind; JUNIORITIS IS REAL! I felt it the first day of my junior year, and if I had let it get the best of me, then I knew it would be the end of me. Work hard, keep your grades up, and push through this year. The finish line is close my friends but the fight for college happens this year.


The best advice I can give to you all is to enjoy your senior year it goes by way quicker than imagined. Go to all the football games, basketball games, and senior activities you can. Enrich your high school experience with laughs, friends and everything you possibly can because chances are you will all be separated at different colleges come next fall. Senioritis is going to kick in HARD. And you won’t know until it is too late. So the best thing you could do is make group chats with people in everyone of your classes and divide and conquer. The only way you guys are going to survive is together so make sure you’re ready for it. Also, attempt to avoid drama at ALL cost. If something happens try to move on as quickly and painlessly as possible. No reason to spend your senior year fighting with someone. Lastly, senior year is way more expensive than you think, so start saving up money right now! Oh and if you can, get Nolan for Econ next year, it’s a life changer.

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