John Williams: Creator of Star Wars’ theme song and many more

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away…

The series of episodes of the legendary franchise of Star Wars began in 1977. One aspect of this incredible movie is the impact of its soundtrack. Its creator is named John Williams, he was born in February 8, 1932, and since then he has enlightened us with his majestic composing skills. This man has been in the presence of all of us in many of the movies we love, even if we don’t know it. Here is a list of some of his most famous works:

1.    Tom Sawyer  1973

2.   Jaws  1975

3.   Star Wars  1977

4.   Superman  1978

5.   Dracula  1979

6.   E.T  1982

7.   Indiana Jones  1989

8.   Born on the 4th of July  1989

9.   Home Alone  1990

10.  Jurassic Park  1993

11.  Schindler’s List  1993

12.  Saving Private Ryan  1998

13.  Harry Potter 1999

14.  Catch Me if You Can 2002

15.  War Horse 2011

16.  Lincoln 2012

John Williams has 107 wins and 215 nominations under his belt. Amongst those wins are 5 Oscars, 4 Golden Globes, 7 British Academy Film Awards, and 22 Grammy Awards –  making him the second most nominated individual after Walt Disney.

Before and in between of those he has done many more plus all the sequels of those movies. In 2015 he did the theme for the latest Star Wars episode VII The Force Awakens, and with his 84 years of age he will continue to do what he does best and that is music. In an interview he said “Everyone has it in them, everyone has the power to do great things…” when he was asked how he came up with these incredible themes. It is most reasonable to assume that The Force is strong within him.

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