The truth about FASFA

By: Darin Gutierrez

Financial Aid plays a potent role in the lives of college students; it is a tedious task that though is not necessary is seen as an imperative step to helping one pay for their school. The Financial Aid website and process is confusing but does have a step-by-step tool to aid you, however it does need a W2 tax form and parents information. FASFA begins January 1st of every year and the earlier one applies, the more money one could get. The problem with Financial Aid is that it’s based on a student’s parent’s income and gives out more loans than actual grants.

Loans are money the Federal Government gives to students but must be paid back, where grants are money given out that do not have to be paid back. Many times students receive loans but do not know that these loans must be paid back in full, and interest begins six months after a student graduates. It is important that first time students are informed and ready before applying for financial aid, knowing the differences and the terms used will allow one to better prepare them and prosper in the future. To apply for Financial Aid and read up on more information, one can visit: https://fafsa.ed.gov

On January 6th, 2016, Miami Springs Senior High held a student-parent FASFA night to help our very own students apply for Financial Aid. There is also more information on Mrs. Barbara Camino-Martinez’s page on the school’s website, this can be seen at http://www.miamispringshawks.org under the counselor directory. Any student struggling with Financial Aid applications could also pass by their counselor’s office and be assisted.

Resources: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/resources#videos-and-images

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