The Return of the Santa Tracker

By: Keiry Viera

It’s that magical time of the year, where all children await the arrival of the famous Santa Claus. Every little boy and girl is at the edge of their seats this month trying to catch Santa, and with the return of every parent’s best friend, The Santa Tracker, this only serves to thrill them more. The Santa Tracker has been around for years, allowing children to see Santa’s exact location as the days progress closer to Christmas. It tells you whether he still resides in the North Pole or if he’s finally taken off in his sleigh with his trusty reindeer in the lead, sack of presents ready to find their homes.
This year, Google decided to laugh it’s own Santa Tracker along the usual NORAD one. Google’s Santa Tracker includes a variety of things such as it’s countdown, a book for holiday traditions, translations, and mini-games of which new ones are released every day. The difference between the Google and NORAD one would be the simple fact that it seems to offer more for the children besides the colorful videos and a number to call. Google has even upped their game by adding a feature in which Santa has Google Glass, which allows him to leave your kids voicemail. There’s even an app for Android phones which parents could use to show their kids Santa’s location on the go. The app can be easily found on the tracker’s website as the first of many things to choose from. What better way to put your kids in the Holiday spirit than to track down the star of it all? They’ll certainly appreciate it

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