Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez are trying-out their relationship

By: Kennedy Davis

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be looking like they are together, but it’s not in the way you may have hoped it would be. They’re just friends for the time being rumors of a hookup did not happen this past weekend, despite practically being attached at the hip. Justin Bieber,21 and Selena Gomez,23, were spotted at the Montage Beverly Hills on Nov.20. Justin and Selena have reportedly told friends they haven’t hooked up again yet, even after being sighted together all weekend. They were out in Beverly Hills on Friday night, Nov. 20, and then again seen out on Sunday, Nov. 22, at Justin’s AMAs after-party at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood. Justin was even pictured leaving his party with Halsey and not Selena.

They both have an understanding that the way they are playing things now is the exact route things should progress for the time being. They are going to hang out, and have their meet-ups, but they don’t want to mislead the media circus they would get into it if they went exclusive again with each other. Selena wants more from Justin but is accepting the way things are going because it allows her to still be in Justin’s life.



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