Brain cramps hurting the team

By: Mathieu Perez

Dan Campbell is a bright young interim head coach for the Miami Dolphins. There’s no doubt that since he has taken over the head coaching positions, the team has been performing better. Well just like any other rookie, they are bound to make mistakes down the road. Sadly these mistakes at the head coaching position can’t keep happening. His latest brain cramp was against the Dallas Cowboys. The Dolphins were down 24-14 with 6:37 left on the clock, facing a 4th down with 6 yards to a first down, in the 4th quarter. Instead of coaching to win, Coach Dan Campbell coached not to lose. Dan chose not to go for it and punt it instead. The consequence of punting it to an experienced offense led by a motivated Tony Romo ultimately caused the Dolphins the game. They played “keep away” perfectly, taking off over 5 minutes on the clock, leaving the Miami Dolphins just a measly minute to try and pull off a miracle.

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