Emoji fans are rejoicing over new keyboard from EmojiWorks

By: Daniela Ferrer

Emojis have found their way around every electronic communication systems, but unfortunately, many people struggle trying to find the right one when in a hurry.  Lucky for you emoji lover, there is a solution.  You can have your favorite emojis at the bottom of your fingertips if you like. That’s what EmojiWorks Keyboard is trying to do.

emoji keys

This innovative keyboard packs up to three of your favorite emojis onto each key for faster access.  You select the emoji you’d like by simply holding down a specific key corresponding to where your emoji is positioned. So a smiley face for example, is just as facile to type as a Capital letter or number sign (#).  The EmojiWorks keyboard also gives its customers the opportunity to choose the skin color they’d like to use. How cool is that?

There are three types of keyboards you can acquire.  You can obtain the Basic EmojiWorks Keyboard that has one emoji for each key for $80 (if pre-ordered), the Plus keyboard which offers two emojis per key for $90 or the Pro keyboard that has three emojis per key for $100.  If Pre-ordered the expected shipping would be around December, so this will surely make a great Christmas gift for emoji lovers.

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