The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere

By: Gabriella Cardenas

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Key Art - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead’s season 6 started off with a 90 minute thrilling and very gory episode. When we last saw these zombie-killing characters, they had finally found a “secure place” to live out the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, there was trouble in paradise. Although Alexandria looks to be somewhat of a sanctuary with large houses, warm showers and an endless supply of food, the people of this beautiful place are one of the weakest we’ve seen yet. Only a few seem to be able to defend themselves, which causes the conflict for the main character, Rick Grimes. Where Rick sees weakness that cannot be changed, the leaders of the Alexandrian’s, Deanna Monroe, sees potential.

In the last episode of season 5, we left Rick held prisoner and awaiting trial after fighting with one of the Alexandrian’s and pulling his gun out on a crowd of people. Deanna was left with the choice of exiling or keeping Rick in Alexandria. The trial takes a radical turn when Pete (the Alexandrian Rick fought) makes an appearance at the trial to testify. When he’s ignored, his anger gets the best of him, and he slits Deanna’s husband’s throat. Rick intervenes and shoots Pete in the head. Ironically, it is at this moment when Deanna realizes the cruelty and darkness of this post-apocalyptic world.

Season 6 introduces many new characters. One of them is character everyone has been anxiously awaiting, Morgan Jones. We first saw Morgan when Rick first came out of his coma in Season 1. After they left each other in Atlanta, Morgan was not seen until Season 4 when he made a cameo appearance. This episode not only brought new characters but an intense drama. The team has found yet another threat, a horde of flesh-eating zombies, thousands upon thousands. The team comes up with a plan to lead the zombies away from the walls of Alexandria.  However, no plan is ever without flaw. Nearing the end of episode one, just when it seemed that they would be successful, a booming siren goes-off alerting the group steering them back to Alexandria.  Then the viewers are left with the question, “What will happen to the inhabitants of this feeble town?”

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