Karim Benzema is under investigation for complicity in attempted blackmail

By: Ashley Hernandez

Karim Mostafa Benzema is a French professional soccer player who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the French national team as a striker. The French soccer player Karim Benzema is being accused in a blackmail case surrounding a sex tape involving another player, Mathieu Valbuena. His lawyer Sylvain Cormier told reporters that he would spend the night at a police station in Versailles. Karim was being held by detectives for questioning after the formal France and Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse was interviewed and released as part of the same investigation. The 27 year old Real Madrid striker was being summoned to the police station at Versailles after 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning and spent the night in custody.

According to French reports, Karim Benzema mentioned the video to Mathieu during a national training session at Clairefontaine in early October, ahead of matches against Armenia and Denmark.They are not sure if he was giving him some friendly advice or if he was trying to press him to pay the blackmailers. “When his name was mentioned by the press, Karim Benzema immediately let the investigating judge know he was available to investigators,” lawyer Sylvain Cormier told Le Parisien newspaper.

Also, according to prosecutors he has received a probation order and is not allowed to contact Valbuena. Karim Benzema could also miss the 2016 European Championship which would be held in France next June or July. He was a key part of the squad for last year’s World cup in Brazil and it will be really sad not to see him play in this year’s 2016 European Championship.

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