Spooky Springs

By: Krista Schubert

Ghouls, goblins, princesses, superheroes all filled the gym at MSSH on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 and were met with a very spooky scene. Children of all ages were greeted by the high school volunteers who were ready and willing to get in on the fun with them! Each club that was present at the event, had an interactive way of spreading the Halloween spirit to these young kids.

The Cheerleaders cheered, Golden Girls and Dance Fusion danced, and the marching banded created a sinister symphony. Drama made a wax museum and a creepy coffin that prompted a scary surprise every time someone walked by. Anchor performed a puppet show that informed kids of the dangers that they may face on Halloween night and how to keep safe. Key Club and Nascar 1080 constructed game targets such as stacked cups and a giant car, while Aqui Entre Nos handed out real fish as prizes. Zeitgeist organized an arts and crafts station where children could create face masks while Art Club showed their skills by painting faces. FEA set up a miniature bowling alley right next to the Yearbook Halloween themed backdrop where Herff Jones was present to take photos.

In addition to these entertaining activities, there was a costume contest and candy was being handed out galore! All in all, everyone that attended – including children, parents, and volunteers – had a frighteningly fun time at this Halloween affair.

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