Injury at Girl’s Soccer Game

By: Taylor Andollo

The Miami Springs Senior High vs. Coral Reef Senior High girls soccer game was cut short on October 30th 2014, when MSSH’s Maria Salas and Sofia De la Puente collided with player #22 from Coral Reef. Reef’s player was said to have been knocked out on the field and was not able to feel much of her lower body. She was transported to the hospital that afternoon and where she was told that she might have a pinched nerve.

Stopper Salas, also mildly injured during the game, mentioned “It happened really fast, one moment I’m halfway up to head the ball and the next moment I felt a sharp pain shooting up my shoulder and neck.” De la Puente, offensive center mid stated that “she landed on her head trying to get the ball out too. Luckily, defender Katherine Inhoof was there to help us.”

Despite the intensity of the game, there were no hard feelings between either of the teams. According to Maria Salas and Sofia De la Puente, probably the scariest part of the whole collision was when the player from Reef said she couldn't feel her legs."  Fortunately, all ladies are doing well.

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