Lana Del Rey’s rise to popularity

By: Gina Torres

Lana del Rey or originally known as “Lizzy Grant” is a very successful person in the music industry.  She has created eight albums including her newest album “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” and has won many awards.  Her albums have topped the charts in multiple countries and sold millions of records worldwide. Her music is praised by many people because she is an amazing songwriter and puts a lot of time and thought in the lyrics of her songs.  When she was just 21, she made her first album (2006) called “Sirens”.  It did not make much noise at that time because “Sirens” was a demo album, and she never got around to finishing it, but the entire project was leaked on YouTube on May 31, 2012, anyway. Her actual first album which she released herself was “Lana del Rey aka Lizzy Grant” and featured 13 tracks – shocking for this being her first album.  It did well, and she caught the eye of many people.

Some might say this album was the kick start of her rise to popularity, but her actual start to success in the music industry was when she came out with her following album “Born to Die” (2012).  This album contained 12 songs which included one song called “Summertime Sadness”.  This song is one of Lana’s most popular songs today.   It peaked at number six in Billboard’s 100 at the time, and it became Lana’s most grossing song.  It also helped Lana to breakout in the music industry very fast.   She increased her fanbase who started to support her music.

Lana created many albums after “Born to Die” some which she collaborated other artists.  For example, her album “Lust for Life” which dropped in 2017, she collaborated with The Weeknd in three songs, one being the song “Lust for Life’’ and the other two being “Prisoner” and “Stargirl Interlude”.

Not only did this album do great for The Weeknd , but it earned Lana other fans who liked The Weeknd as well.  These new fans started following Lana and supported her music.  This helped her career to move.  She also collaborated with “A$AP Rocky” and “Playboi Carti” in “National Anthem” and “Summer Bummer”.  This was unexpected to many fans because Lana’s music is different when compared to the other two; but surprisingly, it went well.  Many people say the songs are an acquired taste and take more than one listen to understand.  The songs did help Lana’s career; even though, they did not top the charts.  The songs made headlines in articles and magazines because the trio was unexpected.  But in the end, it did help Lana’s career. Many of her albums are successful and popular; even though, some more than others.

Lana has also gained popularity through personal albums like “Ultraviolence”, “NFR”, “Honeymoon”, and “Blue Banisters” – they all helped her gain popularity, and they did very well in Billboard’s 100.  “Ultraviolence” did specially well and landed in Billboard 100 and sold over 182,000 in the first week.   Many reporters say this was her best sale week after “Born to Die”.

Lana’s albums have done well over the years and that is why she is so popular today in the music industry. She has countless followers on Instagram and many people that say Lana’s songs are beautiful, well written, and personal.

Lana’s popularity started early, and it is still strong today, especially with her new album “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”, which is doing well.  She is as popular as ever in the music industry because of albums she has created and collaborated and because of her hard work and dedication to each piece of music.   If you have never had an opportunity to listen to Lana, I would recommend you do.  You will not regret it.

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