Frolics 2023

By: Tiyanna Cooper

Frolics was a FANSTASTIC event that took place at Miami Springs Senior High on February 16, 2023, in the auditorium. The event was beyond measure with exuberant and high-energy performances, from our Golden Girls Dance team and even the Golden Hawks Color Guard dancing to a BLACKPINK song (Pretty Savage). However, this was not even the best part of this extraordinary event. There were singing performances, and dances done to many K-Pop songs. One song being covered by Kellie Diaz dancing to Hype Boy by New Jeans, and another student performing to Feel Special by Twice. Another stunning and emotional dance was performed by Matthew Diaz and Amanda Morales. The show can only be topped by next year’s event.  This event was spectacular, and this reporter will not miss next year’s event with such phonemical talent.

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