Why are CAP advisors so important?

By: Lorena Hernandez

Most upperclassmen struggle with locating information about colleges/universities and how to apply.  Cap counselors help guide students through their next step in education. They show them how to complete the necessary documentation and how to narrow down choices of schools. At times, seniors are left clueless when admissions time rolls around.  Cap advisors can even provide options for those students seeking alternative careers paths post graduation.   Cap counselors help with recommendation letters that increase students’ chances of getting into their dream schools by highlighting their scores, extra curriculars, community service and qualifications.

Who is the cap advisor at Miami Springs Senior High and how can she help you?
Ms. Janelle Jimenez is our cap advisor, and she is located in room 205.  She can help you research colleges according to your interests and can help you draft a preliminary college list.  Ms. Jimenez can assist students with scholarships, college applications, recommendation letters, and much more.  If you have not made it a point to stop by and say hello, please do so. The earlier you start to prepare for your post high school career, the better informed you will be when the time comes.

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