KPOP Takeover

By: Brianna Hollie

Every generation has their own set of pop groups that dominate the music charts and the hearts of millions of teenage girls. Whether you ask a 40-year-old or a 20-year-old, they would each have their own set of stories about a boy band they used to fawn over in their adolescent years. These groups range from more performance-based groups like New Kids on the Block, *NSYNC, or Backstreet Boys, to more vocally centered groups such as one direction and 5 seconds of summer. Whether these groups were tearing up the dance floor or belting beautiful ballads, they all had one common ground, the English language.  When Korean pop music or KPOP entered the western scenes, this common ship was completely erased. With the rise of KPOP, groups such as BTS (Bangtang Boys) and Blackpink have grown immense popularity in major countries such as the U.S, and the U.K. KPOP has become one of the highest grossing musical genres in America today, with the Korean language being the main language in most songs.

It is even debated whether KPOP has ultimately erased the western pop group music scene. Since KPOP started flourishing in the U.S, there has not been a western pop group to even come close to its level of popularity or been able to obtain a fan base with the same intense level of devotion that KPOP fans have.

When asked a similar question to Isabella Del Chiaro, a senior at Miami Springs Senior High School. She says ‘’I guess bands [that aren’t KPOP groups] aren’t as prominent [as they formally were] … I feel like they started dying off. However, I feel [KPOP] isn’t completely taking over western [music] culture, but I think it has definitely been integrated.’’ Victoria Hernandez, another senior, adds on ‘’yeah, I don’t think other groups, whether they are British or American, are completely erased. I just think KPOP is the

Generally speaking, KPOP is all the rave right now and other groups are debatably losing their universality. Do you think KPOP is just some short-lived trend, or will it continue to be all the rave in 20 years?

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