Junior Ring Ceremony 2024

By: Zeitgeist Staff

Underclassmen are inducted to upperclassmen status at the Junior Ring Ceremony.  Students were welcomed on stage to receive their rings in front of family and friends by the Junior Class President who also discussed the achievements but also the struggles some face to get to this point.  This night, juniors received their school rings as a symbol of their upcoming senior year and prospective leadership roles within the school. The turning of the ring ceremony was directed by Principal Gonzalez who spoke about the symbolism behind the tradition.  The rings are turned to face the world during the ring ceremony, meaning that the students are prepared for the next stage of their lives. Each subsequent turn represents a blessing of good luck from each person who has turned the ring. The final person will lock the ring in place.  Miami Springs Juniors will forever have this beautiful memory to remember with their classmates and their school.  For those who wear them, class rings hold sentimental value and are a constant reminder of where they came from.  Once a Hawk, Always a Hawk!


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