Album review: T.I. King (Deluxe Version)

By: Julius McKnight

One my first reviews has me going back to 2006, to the King of the South of Atlanta Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. (aka T.I.).  On his fourth studio album called King release on March 28, 2006, T.I. took half a year to create one of his greatest albums. With the success of the album, it made billboard charts and winning best rap album, B.E.T CD of the year and Grammy award of best rap album. This album became one of his best albums around Atlanta putting him as one of the greatest rappers from the south before the album release.  He made 70 songs for that album, but half the songs were leaked on the internet. He put out a mixtape called the leak that has leaked songs from his album prior to the release. This sets his place as the King of South and making history as one of the greatest rap artists, due to having excellent reviews reaching four and half stars. This is one my favorite albums that I listen to; he gives a different tone to hip hop.  I highly recommend you listen to it and hear the difference between the early 2000s with current music with its unique lyrics and flow which makes it stand out. The album has only two skippable songs that you can skip if you are not feeling it. Other than that, the rest of the songs on the album is pretty good. My favorite song is What You Know, King Back, I’m Talkin’ to You and Top Back. If you want to listen to the album, you can get it on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora.



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