We want field trips

By: Devin Williams

As little kids, our best memories were the cool and fun field trips we went on in elementary school. As we move up in our schooling, field trips are not as common. Although there are a few available to students, they need to meet certain requirements that not every student can meet. I believe field trips should be more common even in high school, because students learn better in fun and lively ways rather than merely out of a book. High school is supposed to be the best time of our lives. I understand that we come to school to learn, but there are fun ways to learn which also include field trips.

Recently, it feels like teachers are not as active and lively as they used to be. Teachers need to interact with students more, and one way is via field trips.  Most classes now are not as interactive, and I believe a way to get students excited about learning a specific topic would be to go on field trips.  For example, history teachers can take students to national landmarks or museums related to what is being taught.  There are also virtual field trips which are also interactive ways to disseminate the information.  Students are more likely to retain information when they interact and have visual and hands-on experiences.

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